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Doctors are often viewed as the smartest members of our society, and with good reason.  It takes years of schooling, training and retraining, and more than simple “book smarts” to be a good physician.  Doctors, however, are still human, and mistakes are made daily in Kansas hospitals.  While some mistakes are insignificant, other mistakes can change your life.  If you suffered because someone else was careless, you may seek justice under Kansas law.  According to Healthgrades, each year medical errors kill over 195,000 patients.  Our team of Wichita medical malpractice lawyers has experience with medical cases and we may be able to help you.

While the practice of medicine is not always an exact science, patients have a right to be treated with a reasonable degree of skill and care, the professional standards set for physicians, therapists, nurses and other health professionals. If a medical professional has not met the recognized standard of practice and you’ve been injured, you may be able to hold them responsible.

How our team of Wichita medical malpractice lawyers can help you get results

Every medical malpractice investigation conducted by our Wichita medical malpractice lawyers is thorough and compiled by our experienced support team. We’ve spent years refining our case preparation techniques into an organized and efficient system we use with each client to ensure we deliver effective presentations on your behalf in negotiations, or in front of a judge or jury.

Each medical malpractice case requires a different level of involvement which may include: interviewing other health professionals, witnesses, taking photographs of all injuries. Some cases require consultations with medical specialists and experts who are not readily accessible to the public. We have experience assembling the team of professionals necessary to help you recover if you or a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice. Our track record of successful medical malpractice claims includes million and multi-million dollar jury verdicts and settlements.

To learn how our team of Wichita medical malpractice lawyers might be able to help you, contact us online or call us at 888-687-2400. Our services in all malpractice cases are on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not charge you for a phone call.  You do not pay a fee at all unless we obtain compensation on your behalf. This allows our clients the chance to level the playing field to doctors, nurses, or hospitals by having access to experienced medical malpractice lawyer with no upfront cost.

Are you not sure our firm is right for you? We encourage you to talk to other lawyers. We are confident you’ll see the difference when you work with a team of medical malpractice lawyers who are experienced with medical issues and with a staff who cares about your recovery and well being.

When may a doctor or health professional be held responsible for my injuries?

Were you or a loved one fully informed of all the risks associated with a procedure?
Were you or a loved one injured as a result of the treatment of a health professional?
To recover damages for a Medical Malpractice claim, you must establish you were owed a duty by a health professional and the health professional breached that duty. Each health professional is required to provide services at the standard as others in the same profession would use in the same circumstances. Medical malpractice claims often require using medical experts to testify to establish (1) the “standard of care” that you may have been owed and how and (2) how the medical professional in question failed to meet the set standard.
If you were injured as a result of a health professional, you may be legally entitled to damages as a result.

How do I handle the stigma of suing a doctor or health professional?

Health professionals are greatly respected by our community and holding a professional responsible by bringing a suit may not be a popular thing to do. We understand the apprehension you may have. While most health professionals carry malpractice insurance, which provides coverage for potential patient injuries, it is not always an easy path.
We also greatly respects the health professionals in our community. However, if a client has been injured as a result of the actions of a health professional, we represent the interests of our client first. It is important to bring dangerous medical practices to light to serve as a deterrent, to make sure others are not injured from the same practices. The law holds health professionals responsible for negligent injuries they cause to their patient for this reason.

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