Meet our team of experienced Wichita injury lawyers.

Our passion is using the law as a tool for justice.

Gary Patterson
Attorney at Law
Carl Wagner
Attorney at Law
Tyler Patterson
Attorney at Law
Kenton Wirth
Attorney at Law
Litigation Case Coordinator
Legal Assistant
Case Coordinator
Disability Coordinator
Legal Assistant / Receptionist
Office Manager
Director of Operations
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Brad Avery
Attorney at Law
If you’ve been injured, our team of Wichita personal injury lawyers may be able to help.  Our firm represents people like you, not big businesses, not banks, not insurance companies… only people.
 What should you look for when you hire an attorney in Wichita?

  • First, experience.  Make sure the attorney or firm you select has experience handling your type of case.  If the firm you select has experience facing the insurance company or corporation you may be going up against, they understand how the system works in order to maximize the value of your claim.
  • Second, it’s also important for the firm to be organized.  Our team of Wichita personal injury lawyers have an organized and efficient system we use to compile and present our clients cases in an effective manner.
  • Third, a firm you hire should have financial resources necessary to handle your claim in an effective manner.  In all of our cases, our firm of Wichita lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, so you do not pay a fee unless you win.  In some cases, our lawyers will hire experts to give an opinion on your accident or injury.  If a firm does not have resources to hire experts, you may not get the full compensation you’re entitled to for your accident or injury.

What makes our firm different?  We will tell you if an attorney will add value to your case.  Even if you don’t choose our team of Wichita personal injury lawyers to represent you, we’ll tell you if an attorney is your best option.  Once you talk to our team, we’re confident you’ll see the difference: our team cares about our clients.

"Gary’s staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Whenever I had questions about my case, they were always answered. I couldn't have chosen a better law firm to represent my case. Thank you so very much."

− E.L. 9/13

"Thank you all so much! You made this process easier for me with your guidance and concern for my wellbeing. Could not have gone through this without you. Mr. Wirth was awesome!"

− A.H. 10/13

"Mary was a pleasure to work with. I had total trust in Carl and team. I will refer to your office without hesitation."

− M.A. 7/13

"I was satisfied with the professionalism of the Patterson Group Law Office. They helped me to receive a settlement quickly so that I could move on with my life."

− M.P. 4/13